My Arms and Neck Are Normal Again

I used to have to drive for an hour each way to get to work. It ate up a lot of my free time during the day, but the money was good and I honestly did not mind it that much. My arms started feeling numb not that long ago when I would drive though. It only happened then, but with such a long drive it was a problem. I ended up going to a Bakersfield chiropractor after a few work colleagues told me that a chiropractor could help me more than a traditional doctor in a case like this.

They turned out to be right too. I thought that something was wrong with my arms, though I had no idea what it would be. It turns out that it was inflammation in my neck, and the entire problem in my arms was caused by that. I had no idea what that even meant. To be honest, I was not interested in finding out either. I just wanted it to be fixed so I could get back to my normal routine. It was awful to have my arms fall asleep while driving, and it was not the safest thing to have happen either.

I thought that I would be given some type of medication or shot because of the inflammation, but it turns out that I did not need either one. The chiropractor said that some doctors choose to treat that way, but he treats holistically. That means he wants to find the problem and fix it rather than just treat the symptoms. I was 100 percent on board with that because I did not want this to come back again. Like I said, it is not a pleasant feeling at all. Instead, he did some chiropractic manipulations on me, and my arms and neck have not bothered me one bit since then!