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Best Ways to Travel With Your Cat

When you decide to travel with your cat, most of the times it is because you want to have it.For most people, they have gone through horrific stories with their cats. You may also have been through it with your car.Some of the cats will not be afraid while traveling in your car while others will take this experience as something frustrating.If you want to make them comfortable, there are several tips that you can learn from here. You too can benefit from a relaxing car drive.

It is advisable to take your cat for the journey from early stages in their lives. You should notice that it is the same as washing her for the first time. When you put the cats in water for their first time, you might have realized things were uncomfortable but time help to make everything comfortable. Any cat owner should make her comfortable by taking short tours for comfort and experience.It is advisable that you introduce this as early as 9 weeks old and remember to give her some treats on the way. The main idea here is to ensure your cat is not afraid of the surrounding and have delicious treats. When you do this, your cat will not be afraid everything you decide to anywhere with her even if it is not at the vet shop.

The trips will also come in handy when you want to know your car best. There are 2 common types of reactions.This is where you will notice symptoms of motion sickness like vomiting, hyperactivity and drooling.You may also see loud, prolonged crying and heavy breathing.General stress also shows that your cat cannot handle things in your car.There is good solution to these two conditions and the only way to help your cat is to talk to the vet before you start your journey. The vet will recommend motion pills and middle ones for any sedation. The medicines are used to provide comfort to the cats when moving. It is necessary to take the discussed trips if you want to note any signs in your cat. When taking any long trips remember to get a good leash for your cat. The leash will be useful when the cat needs to stretch as you take a stopover. It is also good to buy a cat flea color to protect the cat from different animals.

It is good to have the carrier that your cat is used to. Placing her carrier in the usual place for some scent is very important. When in the car, your cat will notice your scent thus making everything comfortable.