I Am Happy That Woodlands is My Home

I really liked everything that I saw at Woodlands Apartments, but I had only the information from their own website to rely on. I have been burned in the past by moving into an apartment complex based just on that, and I regretted it for a full year because I had signed a lease. While everything looked great, I just wanted to research it more to make sure the reality was the same as their website. I looked at a few different review sites, and one said to click here to read reviews from past and current tenants.

That is exactly what I wanted, because I knew that these were the people who would say how it really was to live at the complex. As I started reading the different reviews, I was really happy to see that the apartment complex really did deliver on their promises. The apartments are clean, the area is quiet, and the grounds are well taken care of. Most people experienced no problems there, but a few did with their appliances. After further reading on those particular reviews, I was able to see that the complex was fast and efficient in taking care of the minor issues that had popped up.

It felt really good to know that former tenants had so many good things to say about the complex, and that is what sealed the deal for me. I filled out a rental application and was informed quickly that it was accepted. I took a tour of the apartments too because I was undecided on if I wanted a one or two bedroom unit. I ended up taking the two bedroom one because the price was right, and the location is perfect too. I have such a gorgeous view from my apartment, and I have been happy since moving here.