A News Website That is All About Trump

I was not really a fan of politics before the last presidential election. Though I had no interest in this arena in the past, I just did not see how anyone could not want to know as much as possible about both of the leading contenders to become our 45th president. I honestly thought Clinton was going to take that title, so I was surprised along with so many others to see Trump declare a victory. That made me even more fascinated with him, and I find myself devouring the latest Trump news as often as I can.

I was not that type to go online and read news articles either. Before this last election, I might catch the local news a few nights a week just to stay current on local happenings, but I think we are now living in a time where it is important to know national news too. It was probably always that time and I was just a little late to that party. Anyway, I wanted to read everything I could on President Trump. It still feels odd saying that at times, but it also shows what a great country we live in too that he can have that honor.

I found a website that has a lot of great information on it. The nicest thing about it is that I do not have to sort through it to find the latest information. This website pulls articles from other websites and puts them all in one spot so people can have an easier time in reading relevant news about our Commander in Chief. I have actually learned a lot about our national policy as well as some world events that I was clueless on because of the articles I read here, which is why I share it with as many people as I can.